Christy Lyon


Christy Lyon is a professional engineer with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with 15 years of managerial and leadership experience in the waste and recycling industry. Christy has recently joined ECCO Recycling and Energy Corporation as the General Manger. She is an industry leader with diverse experience in managing waste and wastewater in both the public and private sectors.

Christy Lyon spent 16 years working for the City of Calgary including 11 years in Waste & Recycling managing one of the 3 landfills and the hauling operations. In 2015 Christy made the choice to join the private sector and has since been involved in both hauling, processing and landfills.

The Recycling Council of Alberta has the platform to positively influence and impact decisions made by all levels in government and by all industry professionals with respect to materials currently considered waste. Christy Lyon has a history of promoting solutions that are practical and innovative.  Although we are facing some difficult issues related to waste diversion and management, Christy is committed to working with other industry professionals to develop solutions that can meet our customers and the Alberta Residents expectations.

Christy has been a member of industry boards and committees, as well as, sport organisation, contributing to several key roles. Her experience and collaboration in setting and achieving goals on various boards will lend itself well to the RCA with their current focus on positively impacting recycling nationwide.  The diversity of Christy Lyon’s roles will add to the overall strengths of the RCA Board in both supporting RCA operations and the efforts to affect change locally and across Canada.