Corey Saban


Corey Saban is an industry connector for both people and business opportunities. He intuitively sees the opportunity to bring people and organizations together to create a connection that leads to strong working relationships. Corey is a humbled leader who listens first and provides personal experience that inspires action. He understands business and loves developing strategy to deliver results to partners and shareholders.

Currently, as Founder and CEO at [Re] Waste, a vertically integrated recycled plastic processing and manufacturing company, Corey oversees the business development and investor relations. In a short amount of time and during COVID-19, he has moved the company from his garage to a facility in Edmonton and is currently expanding into Ontario. Corey is spearheading the ability for businesses to participate in a closed loop plastic program that aligns with their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Previously, as Vice President, Corey led operations and business development for a local concrete company with 40+ years of experience. During this time, Corey restructured operations personnel, he refined the estimating process to secure profitable work and focused on the resources performing work to maximize the employees time on job sites. This resulted in increased revenues from the previous year while reducing the direct expenses. Earlier he rose through the ranks of Clark Builders transitioning from operations to estimating which provided a diverse business experience.

Mr. Saban received his Civil Engineering Technology Diploma from NAIT and is a Certified Engineering Technologist (CET) through ASET. Corey has previous board experience and has founded multiple startup businesses as well as worked at medium and large business that provides a thorough business background.