Jodi Tomchyshyn London


Jodi has more than 15 years’ experience working in the fields of waste minimization and recycling policy and has been a member of the RCA (through her work or via individual membership) since 2003. She is currently an active member on the RCA’s Extended Producer Responsibility Project Team.

Jodi co-owns and has operated JTL Squared Consulting Inc since 2016. Her work mainly focusses on encouraging and advancing best practices and policies related to waste minimization and recycling.

Before venturing out on her own, Jodi held senior positions with Waste Diversion Ontario, where she was their Manager of Policy & Planning, and the governments of Ontario and Alberta where she acted as a senior policy advisor. During her time with the Alberta government, Jodi was also seconded to New Zealand’s Ministry for the Environment as a senior waste policy advisor.

Jodi holds the degrees of Master of Environmental Design (Environmental Science) from the University of Calgary, and Bachelor of Science (Environmental Biology) from the University of Alberta.