Joshua Shitta-Bey


Joshua Shitta-Bey is a Municipal Executive in-training. He is a participant in the Alberta Municipal Internship Program. This GoA program seeks to fill in the diminishing number of executives in the municipal space that is currently a challenge for Albertan municipalities. He is also a Reservist in the Canadian Armed Forces where he has served as a Financial Services Administrator since 2017.

Due to his urge to better understand society, politics, and public organizations, while he lived in Ottawa, he was driven to volunteer with the Liberal Party, where he worked as a Victory Fund Officer and through that opportunity was fortunate to also work as a volunteer research assistant for Senator Grant Mitchel. Joshua is an avid fan of the sport of boxing and enjoys reading about history in his spare time.

Joshua is a highly driven individual that seeks to add positive impact to any organization he is a part of, as well as to society at large. He has a Financial Services Diploma from SAIT and a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (Major in International Business and Minor in Economics) from Mount Royal University.