Tammy Burke


Mayor Tammy Burke is a long-term resident of Rocky Mountain House. She began her involvement in Municipal Government in 2013 when she was elected to a term as a Town Councillor. In 2017 Ms. Burke was elected as Mayor for the Town of Rocky Mountain House, a position she currently holds, along with seats on many boards and committees both locally and provincially.

Mayor Burke has a passion for the wellbeing of the citizens of Rocky Mountain House and surrounding community. Her involvement as a public member of the Rocky/Clearwater Physician Recruitment and Retention Society between 2007-2016 was successful in attracting and retaining many talented physicians.

As a supporter of better environmental practices, Mayor Burke is an active member of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Environment and Sustainability Committee. This committee advocates for better Environmental standards for all Albertans. Since first joining the committee in 2016 Mayor Burke has had the opportunity to learn about successful environmental initiatives happening all over Alberta.

Reducing the amount of solid waste heading to landfill is critical; but municipalities can’t do it alone. That’s why the Town of Rocky Mountain House Council, under Mayor Burke’s leadership, successfully supported a resolution for AUMA to lobby the provincial government to introduce Extended Producer Responsibility regulations in Alberta. This is the mechanism by which the burden of recycling paper and packaging lies squarely with producers.

EPR must be easy to use, convenient and consistent, economically viable, protect small business and empower industry. Only the provincial government has the authority to enact these regulations and bring Alberta in line with the rest of Canada, but municipalities, industry and the Recycling Council of Alberta all have important rolls to play to bring it to fruition.

Closer to home, Mayor Burke continues to steer the Town of Rocky Mountain House’s progress on its Waste Reduction Strategy, including better waste diversion options for residents and businesses.

Mayor Burke is unwavering in her effort to promote economic development within the Town of Rocky Mountain House and extended community. She is continuously championing the untapped potential her community has to offer.

Above all, Mayor Burke understands that relationships and people are key to the success of any region. To this end, she has been instrumental in arranging joint meetings between municipalities of west-central Alberta and the local First Nations leaders, to strengthen and build relationships between all.