January 2020

Advertising Opportunities with the RCA

Advertising with the RCA is a great way to get your name out in front of 500+ member subscribers including municipalities, corporations, processors, institutions and government. Companies can purchase ads directly in the Connector email newsletter or in Connector stories […]

RCA to host Waste to Energy Symposium

The Recycling Council of Alberta will host a full-day symposium on Waste to Energy (WtE) in partnership with the Alberta Plastics Recycling Association.

ABCRC’s Response to CBC Article

ABCRC posted a response on our corporate website to the recently published CBC News article on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 titled “What really happens to plastic drink bottles you toss in your recycling bin”. Please see ABCRC’s response posted here:

Cleanfarms to Research Options to Manage Agricultural Plastic Waste in First-of-its-Kind National On-Farm Study

A first-of-its-kind national scale research project that will provide critical information to help agricultural plastic producers and Canadian farmers boost their ability to recycle agricultural plastic waste is starting. The two-part research project will be led by Canadian agricultural waste […]

Draft Science Assessment of Plastic Pollution Confirms Negative Impact of Plastic Pollution on the Environment in Canada

Plastic pollution has emerged globally as a key environmental issue with increasing concerns on the impacts it has on the environment, human health, and the economy.

Montreal to Ban Stores From Dumping Food and Unsold Clothes

The City of Montreal will ban the dumping of food and unsold clothes as part of its five-year action plan to reduce waste.

BYOB: Sobeys to Eliminate Plastic Bags at Check Stands in Canada starting Jan. 31

It’s a change six months in the making – all 255 Sobeys stores across Canada will switch from plastic to paper and reusable bags at check stands by the end of January.

Ikea Canada Reduces Food Waste by 31 Per Cent in 2019, Prevents More Than 200,000 Meals From Going to Waste

IKEA Canada is pleased to announce it has achieved its goal of reducing food waste in its kitchens by over 30 per cent within one year of implementing a new food waste tracking program.

Businesses Aim to Reduce Waste in 2020 as Consumers Become More Eco-Conscious

2020 is set to be a transitional year for many Canadian consumers and businesses as they adopt new measures to minimize plastic and other forms of waste that clog landfills.

Fashion’s Latest Trend? Why H&M, Other Big Brands Are Investing in Garment Recycling

The fashion industry has a pollution problem. If the industry continues on its current pathway, it could use more than a quarter of the carbon budget associated with a 2 degrees Celsius pathway by 2050, according to the Ellen MacArthur […]

The Case For … Never Demolishing Another Building

The wrecking ball has always been the great symbol of urban progress, going hand in hand with dynamite and dust clouds as the politicians’ favourite way of showing they are getting things done.

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