AET Group Inc.

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    Ben Dunbar
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    Manager of Waste Operations
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    (519) 576-9723 Ext. 303
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    (519) 570-9589
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    531 Wellington Street North, Kitchener, ON, N2H 5L6
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  • Waste Audits / Consulting


AET Group is a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting, auditing, and scientific services company providing professional services to the built and natural environments in the following core service areas: Solid Waste Management, Environmental Compliance, Environmental Audits, Natural Sciences, Sustainability, Air Quality & Climate Change, Environmental Remediation, Water Resources, Energy & Utilities, and Building Sciences.

Services Offered

AET's Waste Team is a recognized leader in undertaking comprehensive, long-term waste management projects for all levels of government, institutions, and private organizations. Such work typically includes: detailed analyses of waste generation and waste composition from the residential, industrial, commercial and institutional sectors; development of waste diversion strategies; evaluation of existing waste programs; and an assessment of existing waste management infrastructure.

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