Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers Association (AARDA)

  • Contact Name:

    Ken Sorensen
  • Job Title:

    Executive Director
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number:

    (780) 470-5820
  • Fax:

    (780) 628-6463
  • Address:

    20 Oakmont Drive, St. Albert, AB, T8N 6K6
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Industry Association - Auto dismantlers and recyclers purchase damaged vehicles to re-sell various undamaged components to the public and to various businesses in the automotive sector. AARDA members process approximately 55,000 vehicles per year in Alberta.

Recycling Hotline

Don’t find what you’re looking for? For more information about recycling opportunities in Alberta, please visit Alberta’s Recycling Hotline at or call 1.800.463.6326 (from outside Alberta dial 780.427.6982)