C2 Recycling Inc.

  • Construction - Concrete Collection
  • Wood - Chips
  • Drywall - Collection
  • Mattresses - Processing
  • Organics - Processing
  • Waste Audits
  • Construction - Waste Collection
  • Metal - Processing
  • Construction - Processing
  • Wood - Processing
  • Hazardous Waste Services


C2 Recycling is an Alberta-based Construction and Demolition Materials Recovery Facility, providing comprehensive multi-material waste management solutions for waste generators and haulers. C2 Recycling specializes in supporting clients in achieving their ESG goals by providing attainable waste solutions through their services, including, site assessments, remediation, waste valorization, diversion audits and reporting, education, consulting, and a multi-material recovery processing facility.

Products Sold

Compost, Biochar, Wood chips, Pallets, Crushed Concrete, Ground Drywall, Absorbency, Recycled soil amendments such as Lime, biosolids and biochar