City of Edmonton

  • Waste Collection
  • Soil Reclamation
  • Recycling - Community Programs
  • Organics - Processing



Services Offered

Edmonton's comprehensive, integrated waste management system features: single family curbside (blue bag) collection of recyclables; multi family (blue bin) collection beginning March 2002; community recycling depots and 3 Eco Stations for HHW. Processing facilities at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre include a MRF, North America's largest co-composting facility, leachate treatment plant, landfill gas recovery and concrete / asphalt recycling. Public participation programs include a Master Composter/Recycling program, a variety of school programs and Community Garbage Fairs.

Products Sold

Second Nature Compost for: Absorbent Application, Agriculture Application, Horticulture Application and Land Reclamation