ECCO Recycling & Energy Corporation

  • Waste Collection
  • Metal - Processing
  • Construction - Processing
  • Wood - Processing
  • Electronics - Collection / Processing
  • Waste to Energy
  • Paper - Processing
  • Landfills
  • Wood - Chips
  • Plastic - Processing
  • Drywall - Collection


ECCO Recycling grew out of ECCO Waste Systems Ltd with the construction of an onsite Materials Recycling Facility, which opened in 2012. ECCO Recycling has developed several products and services from a range of source materials, including recycling shingles into asphalt and wood materials into mulch and animal bedding. Throughout ECCO Recycling's business operations, their overarching goal is to protect the environment through implementation of sound environmental practices, adherence to environmental legislation and diversion of materials for reuse into commercial and industrial products.