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    Paulina Leung
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    Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)
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    (905) 336-9084 Ext. 1130
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    (905) 336-8865
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    1122 Pioneer Road, Burlington, ON, L7M 1K4
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Emterra Group is a leading provider of waste diversion and recycling solutions that help municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional clients achieve zero waste.

Services Offered

Emterra Group offers producer responsibility services through its Ryse Solutions division. Ryse Solutions Inc. works with producers and other value chain actors to provide compliance, advisory and material collection and post-collection solutions to meet everchanging regulatory and sustainability demands. Backed by a well-developed network of collection, processing and end-market assets, they also offer solutions to producers, retailers, manufacturers and packaging suppliers, which include understanding the flow of material in recycling facilities; research and development on the recyclability of consumer plastic packaging and paper products; and, the development and optimization of commodity end markets.