GFL Environmental Inc.

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    Kyla Connell
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    Business Development
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    (403) 740-9575
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    4607 41 Street, Stettler, AB, T0C 2L1
  • Oil / Oil Filters & Containers - Collection Services
  • Antifreeze & Glycol - Processing
  • Antifreeze & Glycol - Collection


Glycol and antifreeze recycling facility that offers a full line of trusted, quality recycled products. Providing on line filtration of glycols and solvents to a variety of industries to prolong the life span of glycols. From automotive antifreeze to belt wetting, dehy and pipelines to agricultural needs - we do it all.

Services Offered

Mobile filtering, used glycol collections with cash credit, mobile distilling

Products Sold

Antifreeze, Line Test Fluid, Dehy Fluids, Heat Transfer Fluid, EG, PG, TEG Coolants

Recycling Hotline

Don’t find what you’re looking for? For more information about recycling opportunities in Alberta, please visit Alberta’s Recycling Hotline at