IPL Inc.

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    Paul Palazzo
  • Job Title:

    VP, Sales and Marketing
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    (905) 866-4758
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    (905) 662-8518
  • Address:

    140 Commerciale Street, St. Damien, QC, G0R 2Y0
  • Equipment - Collection
  • Manufacturing


IPL is a leading North American manufacturer of molded plastic products through injection.

Products Sold

IPL has a full line of wheeled carts to meet municipalities’ every need in regards to waste, recyclable and compostable material collection. These smartly designed and cost-effective containers come in a range of practical sizes.

Recycling Hotline

Don’t find what you’re looking for? For more information about recycling opportunities in Alberta, please visit Alberta’s Recycling Hotline at www.recyclinghotline.ca or call 1.800.463.6326 (from outside Alberta dial 604.683.6658)