Product Stewardship Institute

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The Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) is a membership-based non-profit committed to reducing the health, safety, and environmental impacts of consumer products with a strong focus on sustainable end-of-life management. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, PSI takes a product stewardship approach to solving waste management problems by encouraging product design changes and mediating stakeholder dialogues. With 47 state agency members, hundreds of local government members, and 110 corporate, academic, non-U.S. government, and organizational partners, they design, implement, and evaluate legislative and voluntary initiatives across North America.

Services Offered

Facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogues to drive consensus-based product stewardship action plans; consulting on issues related to producer responsibility, product stewardship, and materials management programs; strategic communications and educational outreach support; research and analysis to inform and shape product stewardship policy; designing and implementing take-back pilot programs; drafting bills; preparing and delivering testimony; tracking and analyzing legislation; and other customized services.