Renue Recycling Ltd.

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Renue Recycling is a post-consumer paint management and paint recycling company, endeavoring to "rescue" paint from incineration. Collected paint is bulked, filtered and re-blended, and finally re-packaged for sale to the public.

Services Offered

Renue accepts paint from municipalities and businesses, recycling between 70-80% of the latex paints into 14 colours of "ecocoat" latex paint. Residual waste products are disposed of, using current methods. Renue is also able to keep most of the empty metal and plastic containers out of the landfill, sending them for appropriate recycling.

Products Sold

Renue markets 14 colours of "ecocoat" latex paint to businesses and the general public directly and through retailers. "ecocoat" is a premium quality, interior/exterior latex paint. Because of the nature and affordability of "ecocoat", it is perfect for residential, industrial, commercial, and municipal projects such as arenas, low-cost housing, community centres and other municipal projects - both indoor and outdoor.