Town of Banff

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    Carla Bitz
  • Job Title:

    Environmental Coordinator, Resource Recovery
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    (403) 762-1132
  • Fax:

    (403) 762-1263
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    Box 1260, Banff, AB, T1L 1A1
  • Recycling - Community Programs



Services Offered

Recycling bins for cardboard, paper, glass, food jars, steel food cans, milk jugs, gable-top milk cartons, plastic bottles (HDPE & PET), 20-litre plastic pails and lids, phone books, magazines and newspaper. Metal recycling area, white metal and tire recycling. Commercial cardboard pick up program. Recycling of computers, TVs, fluorescent tubes, pallets, propane tanks, rechargeable batteries and batteries, incl. car batteries. One annual hazardous waste round-up. Grass and leaves / branches collection for regional recycling. Christmas tree collection.