West Coast Reduction Ltd.

  • Contact Name:

    Geoff Smolkin
  • Job Title:

    Director of Prairie Operations
  • Email Address:

  • Phone Number:

    (403) 203-1801
  • Alternative Number:

  • Fax:

    (403) 279-6928
  • Address:

    7030 Ogden Dale Place SE, Calgary, AB, T2C 2A3
  • Rendering

Services Offered

Render (recycle) animal by-products from the meat, poultry, and fish processing industries in Western Canada; produce protein meals and fats and oils used globally in feed, oleo-chemical, soap, and biodiesel. Also provide a service collecting used restaurant cooking oils and recycling into feeds and biodiesel.

Products Sold

Animal fats & proteins, feeding fats, biodiesel, cattle hides

Recycling Hotline

Don’t find what you’re looking for? For more information about recycling opportunities in Alberta, please visit Alberta’s Recycling Hotline at www.recyclinghotline.ca or call 1.800.463.6326 (from outside Alberta dial 604.683.6658)