COVID-19 related event cancellations

*** Please note that due to the coronavirus situation, many of the events listed below are being cancelled, postponed, or are in the process of being rescheduled. Make sure to verify the current status of each event with the respective organizers directly. ***

Webinar: Less Food Loss and Waste, Less Packaging Waste

Do we need to package food to avoid food waste? How important is packaging to delivering on food safety or longer shelf life? What materials should food be packaged in? How can food packaging reduce our carbon footprint? A national research project titled Less Food Loss and Waste, Less Packaging Waste tackled these questions. It explored the economic and environmental considerations around choosing whether to package or not to package, and with what choice material.

Hear from the National Zero Waste Council and the lead research team Value Chain Management International – Martin Gooch as they share findings and recommendations.

This national research project was undertaken by the National Zero Waste Council, in collaboration with PAC, Recyc-Quebec,and Éco Entreprises Québec.

Webinar: International Developments in Single-Use Plastics Bans

Markets and legislators worldwide have increasing pressure to develop legislation banning single-use plastics. This panel webinar, moderated by Jonathan D. Cocker of Baker McKenzie will outline the recent developments around the world in single-use plastics restrictions and options for industry in response.

RESCHEDULED: WasteExpo 2020

An event by Waste360 (rescheduled – event was originally planned for May 5-7, 2020)

World Circular Economy Forum 2020 (WCEFonline)

WCEF co-organizer Sitra announced that Canada’s role as host of the World Circular Economy Forum is postponed to 2021. As part of the news release, Minister Wilkinson confirmed Canada’s commitment to hosting Forum in Toronto. ECCC and Sitra will announce new dates and plans for the WCEF2021 in the coming months.

Sitra also announced they will host a virtual World Circular Economy Forum, WCEFonline, on the original WCEF2020 dates of September 29th and 30th. WCEFonline will aim to share circular economy tools and solutions with the world to help tackle the recession caused by the pandemic.

RemTech 2020

hosted by the Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA)

BioCycle REFOR20

20th Annual BioCycle Conference on Renewable Energy from Organics Recycling

E-Scrap 2020

Conference and Trade Show hosted by Resource Recycling, Inc

E-Scrap 2021

Conference and Trade Show hosted by Resource Recycling, Inc