Community-Based Social Marketing Workshops with Doug McKenzie-Mohr

For over three decades Dr. McKenzie-Mohr has been working to incorporate scientific knowledge on behaviour change into the design and delivery of community programs. He is the founder of community-based social marketing and the author of three books on the topic. One of these books has been recommended by Time Magazine and become requisite reading for those who deliver programs to promote sustainable and healthy behaviour. He has delivered workshops internationally for over 70,000 program managers and has served as an advisor on a broad array of both Canadian and international programs. (Save $50 with coupon code f3944f64)

GLOBE 2020

The Business Summit with Global Impact, conference and trade show.

Solid Waste Management Symposium

The Technical Services Advisory Group invites leaders, knowledge holders and employees to attend this event on waste management.

SERC 2020

33rd Southeast Recycling Conference & Trade Show organized by the Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc.


Featuring the Annual Landfill Symposium, Annual Landfill Gas & Biogas Symposium, Road to Zero Waste Conference, and more – hosted by the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)

BioCycle REFOR20

20th Annual BioCycle Conference on Renewable Energy from Organics Recycling