A unique EPR webinar – perspectives from waste and recycling service providers

The RCA is providing the opportunity for multiple sectors to engage in discussion on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) with experts from the industry and other provinces in its EPR webinar series. On April 20, the RCA will explore the impacts of EPR on waste and recycling service providers.

Next Tuesday’s webinar will spotlight service providers who collect and manage products and packaging for waste management and recycling, bringing operational experience of value to producers. These companies may provide services directly to producers or Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs), or to municipalities who act as contractors to producers or PROs.

We will discuss the changes in the service providers’ role that comes with province-wide EPR implementation (including examples from BC and Ontario). Presenters include Al Metauro from Cascades, Tony Moucachen from Merlin Plastics, and Peter Hargreave with Policy Integrity Inc. For more info and to register: https://recycle.ab.ca/workshop/epr-engagement-webinars/