Community-Based Social Marketing Workshop in Lethbridge, Sept. 23-24

Fostering Sustainable & Healthy Behaviours: Community Based Social Marketing 2 Day Workshop (& a bonus executive briefing breakfast!)

Behavior change is the key to achieving sustainable, healthy & safe communities. Whether at work or at home, people have to make choices and engage in a myriad of actions throughout the day. How can we effect change through the everyday actions of the community?

Research demonstrates that information-based awareness or education campaigns are not enough to substantively change behavior. A new approach, community-based social marketing, is now being used effectively in numerous programs across the globe. The City of Lethbridge invites you to attend a workshop with the founder of community-based social marketing, Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr, as the training provided will fundamentally change the way you think about program delivery.

In the two-day workshop you will learn the five steps of community-based social marketing and be exposed to numerous case studies illustrating its use. Actively work through the material to increase your comfort in applying the community based social marketing to your programs.

The Breakfast Bootcamp for Executives is intended to introduce the approach and familiarize decision makers with the fundamentals. Join other Southern Alberta community educators & communicators, planners & executives for this event that sure to spark ideas and set the next steps for facilitating change!

About Doug McKenzie Mohr:

For over three decades Dr. McKenzie-Mohr has been working to incorporate scientific knowledge on behavior change into the design and delivery of community programs. He is the founder of community-based social marketing and the author/co-author of three books on the topic. One of these books, “Fostering Sustainable Behavior: An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing,” has been recommended by Time Magazine and become requisite reading for those who deliver programs to promote sustainable behavior. More than 70,000 program managers have attended workshops on community-based social marketing that he has delivered internationally.

Two Day Workshop with Doug Mackenzie-Mohr

Sept. 23rd (9:00 am – 4:00 pm)
Sept. 24th (8:30 am – 3:00 pm)

$210 per attendee, includes light breakfast & lunch on workshop days

Please register at

Breakfast Boot-camp for Executives with Doug Mackenzie-Mohr

September 23rd (7:15 am registration – 8:45 am)

No cost – please register at

Location of both events: Enmax Centre Lounge, Lethbridge, AB


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