Coronavirus-Related Updates

The following resources outline information related to impacts of the Coronavirus on the solid waste management sector:

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has issued a “Guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19)” document for solid waste management workers and employers. Download it at:

Research: Coronavirus Can Live For A Long Time In Air, On Surfaces
A new study is first to examine how long the new coronavirus can survive on steel, plastic and cardboard. It can live up to 72 hours, but that’s under idealized lab conditions, not the real world…
Source: NPR

Coronavirus Pandemic Disrupts Recycling Sector
The global escalation of COVID-19 is hampering some North American recycling programs, impacting Chinese users of U.S. recovered fiber, constraining global shipping, denting stock prices and threatening an economic recession…
Source: Resource Recycling