Dairy containers added to SK’s SARCAN deposit program

Milk containers in Saskatchewan will carry a deposit as of April 1, 2017. Amendments to SK’s Environmental Management and Protection Act announced on March 22 add milk containers (plastic and paperboard cartons for milk, cream, buttermilk, liquid creamers, lactose free milk, and drinkable yogurt) to the SARCAN deposit system.

Milk containers less than 1 litre in size will carry a ten cent deposit, those one litre or more will have a 25 cent deposit. Milk containers will also carry a handling fee of 6 cents for plastic, 3 cents for paperboard, and 7 cents for glass. The handling fee pays for collection and processing of the milk containers and is not refundable.

Read the Government of Saskatchewan’s press release at http://bit.ly/SKmilk2017