EPR Engagement Discussion Paper Released and RCA Announces EPR Webinar

March 18, 2021 – Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) has released its discussion paper on advancing extended producer responsibility (EPR) policy in the province. The paper focuses on the creation of an overarching EPR regulatory framework for packaging and paper products (PPP), single-use plastics, and hazardous and special products (HSP).

The Recycling Council of Alberta will host a webinar on March 30, 2021 to review the elements of the discussion paper and allow for a presentation and questions with Heather von Hauff, the Executive Director of Water and Waste Policy with AEP. The webinar will also feature a panel of experts to answer questions. Follow this link to register.

The paper states that EPR supports the government’s goal to advance a plastics circular economy and establish Alberta as the Western North America centre of excellence for plastics diversion and recycling by 2030.

It outlines that EPR policy will shift responsibility upstream, toward the producer and away from the municipalities and incentivize producers to consider environmental outcomes when designing their products to remain in the economy as long as possible.

In creating this discussion paper, AEP conducted a jurisdictional scan of EPR in other regions and closely reviewed BC and Ontario EPR models.

AEP invites stakeholders to review the discussion paper and respond to questions through the online portal or by email to AEP.RecyclingRegulation@gov.ab.ca by April 30, 2021. AEP will also commence discussions with associations and sector table groups, but will have limited availability for one-on-one meetings. As part of the engagement, AEP has also released a survey for the general public.