Less than one week until we hear from top EPR experts!

The Recycling Council of Alberta and Plastics Alliance of Alberta are gearing up to bring together top experts on extended producer responsibility on January 26 from 10 am to noon MST. There is a lot to cover on this complex topic and so we’ve asked professionals who have spent their life working on EPR to guide us in a review of the basics.

Glenda Gies has spent over forty years in the industry. She led the EPR program implementation for Multi-Material BC (now Recycle BC) from 2011 to 2016 and from 2016 to 2020 she chaired the Board of Directors of the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) in Ontario. Glenda brings a wealth of experience across multiple sectors as an independent consultant and will talk about the history of EPR in Canada to demonstrate our journey and how far we’ve come.

Alda Nicmans is the Executive Director of the BC Product Stewardship Council. Alda represents BC regional districts and will share the results of a report the Council led on the interactions between local governments and stewardship agencies on program operations. Alda’s presentation will give us an overview of what worked well in the transition to EPR for BC municipalities and improvements they would have liked to have seen.

Bob McDonald is with BC’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and has been on the ground for BC’s EPR implementation since day one – first with local government, and then transitioning into the provincial role. Bob will touch on some of the toughest issues in the rollout of EPR and lessons from navigating EPR implementation.

David Lefebvre is the Director of Public Affairs West for the Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance (CSSA), overseeing media, government and stakeholder relations for Recycle BC in British Columbia and Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) in Saskatchewan. David will discuss how EPR works from the non-profit organization responsible for the residential program in BC, servicing 1.8 million households and collecting approximately 186,000 tonnes of material from households and depots every year.

Jodi Tomchyshyn London is a consultant with over 15 years experience in waste minimization and recycling policy. Jodi is the RCA President and fondly known by many as the EPR encyclopedia. Jodi has worked on Policy and Planning in Ontario, Alberta and New Zealand and will share the basics of EPR to set the stage on where we go from here.

For questions, email info@recycle.ab.ca
To register: https://recycle.ab.ca/workshop/epr-101-webinar/