New Ecofiscal Commission Report: How to save money while improving our solid waste systems

Canadians are generating more solid waste than ever before. On average, Canadians generate nearly double the amount of waste per capita compared to those in other high-income countries. And the more waste we produce, the more costly it is to manage – both for businesses and taxpayers that use these services.

But the solution isn’t just encouraging Canadians to reduce, recycle, and reuse. Instead, Ecofiscal’s new report finds that we should focus on making our waste systems – all the way from product manufacturing to waste disposal – more efficient and less costly. And the key to an efficient waste management system is getting prices right.

Cutting the Waste helps municipalities tackle the complex challenges of making their waste management systems more efficient. The report includes:

  • 6 interconnected problems in solid waste markets that make waste management systems inefficient.
  • A case study on The City of Calgary that highlights the progress made so far in its waste management systems, and how its considered pay-as-you-throw program could be improved.
  • 5 policy recommendations to make waste management systems work better by reflecting the true costs of waste, including charging tipping fees that reflect the full cost of disposal, implementing pay-as-you-throw programs for households, and expanding and harmonizing extended producer responsibility programs.

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Join Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission on November 21st for their live course module on market-based tools for sustainable solid waste management. Lindsay Tedds, Ecofiscal Commissioner and professor at the University of Calgary, and Andrew Duffield, Director of Sustainable Development, City of Beaconsfield, will host a 2-hour live and interactive webinar exploring how pricing policies can support effective solid waste management. This module will consider various pricing options, and the role of complementary policies within the context of complex waste markets. Following the webinar, participants will be asked to complete an online case study with questions.

This module is part of an online course, Municipal market-based tools for sustainable development, running this fall.

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