New Speaker Announced for November 17 Webinar on Chemical Recycling

David Lynch from Enerkem will join the expert panel on The Recycling Council of Alberta’s chemical recycling webinar on Tuesday, November 17. The event will feature national and international organizations working on solutions to manage plastics through chemical recycling. Other experts will present from Closed Loop Partners, Pyrowave and CARBIOS.

Speakers will be introduced by Lori Koebel with the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC), the RCA’s platinum sponsor. In its 25th year, ABCRC is the agent for beverage container manufacturers to collect, transport, process and recycle those containers. When you drop off your empty bottles at a depot, you’re contributing to the highest return rate for bottles in Canada at 85%.

The webinar will take place on November 17 from 10 am to noon MT. Registration available at:

Sponsored by Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation

Summary of presenters:

Paula Luu – Closed Loop Partners: A leading organization on plastics circularity, Closed Loop Partners authored the report Accelerating Circular Supply Chains for Plastics. The report explores the challenges of managing plastics and identifies $120 billion addressable market in the U.S. and Canada to recovery waste plastics and the technologies to create safe and high-quality materials.

Jocelyn Doucet – Pyrowave: With offices in Ontario and plants in Quebec, Pyrowave is a pioneer of the Plastic-to-Plastic microwave-based chemical recycling technology that allows post-consumer and post-industrial plastics to be regenerated and restored to their full value. Its patented high-power microwave catalytic depolymerization technology platform is the most advanced worldwide and is now at the forefront of the new generation of plastics.

Martin Stephan – CARBIOS: Carbios is the first and only company in the world developing biological processes for the end-of-life of plastics with the potential to engage the entire industry in a truly circular economy. The company is now moving to industrialization with two disruptive innovations, of which a process to infinitely recycle PET without any quality loss, opening the possibility to create a virtuous circular economy scheme.

David Lynch – Enerkem: Offering an innovative, sustainable solution for waste management, energy diversification and the implementation of a circular economy by manufacturing biofuels and renewable chemical products from non-recyclable waste. The company’s Edmonton facility is producing ethanol from waste.