Next Steps in Alberta’s EPR Engagement

As part of the ongoing EPR engagement process, including the EPR discussion paper released by Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP), the Recycling Council of Alberta plans to share its draft response with members by April 19.

Members, if they wish, can reference the RCA’s response as a consideration in the development of their own submissions by the April 30 deadline.  

To help navigate the discussion paper and key issues, the RCA is hosting an EPR webinar series. Register today!

April 13, 10 am – EPR: Impacts and Opportunities for Alberta Municipalities
This webinar will present a range of BC municipalities who have experienced the transition to EPR from a municipal perspective.

April 20, 10 am – Exploring EPR Impacts on Waste and Recycling Service Providers
This webinar will bring together industry players involved in the transition from individual (primarily municipal) collection and recycling contracts to participation in provincial EPR implementation. We will discuss the changes in the service providers’ role, as well as the wider waste management system.

For EPR FAQs and other resources on the topic, please visit our website: