RCA’s Questions to Alberta’s Political Parties

On April 1, 2019, the RCA sent the following list of questions relevant to our goals to all parties with candidates running in the upcoming provincial election:

  1. If elected, will your party be meeting Alberta’s national commitments by introducing legislation for Extended Producer Responsibility to shift the costs of recycling from municipalities and taxpayers to the producers of packaging and paper products?
  2. What other measures will your party be undertaking to reduce Alberta’s waste disposal amount, which is the only one in Canada greater than 1 tonne per person per year, while accessing the significant environmental and economic advantages of waste reduction and diversion?
  3. How does your party plan to embrace a Circular Economy to maximize the value of the province’s resources and deliver a more competitive Alberta economy?
  4. What approaches do you plan to reduce waste from the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sectors, who are the origin of over 70% of the waste disposed in the province?

You may find the responses useful to you and your organization. We encourage you to also ask these questions of your local candidates.

We will post additional responses as we receive them.

Responses received to date from:

And hot off the press, the Alberta Party has added EPR to their campaign platform.

No response received yet from:

  • Alberta Liberal Party
  • Alberta Party
  • Alberta’s Independence Party
  • Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta
  • Green Party of Alberta
  • Pro-Life Alberta Political Association
  • Reform Party of Alberta
  • United Conservative Party