Summer Ambassador Program Coming to a Place Near You in 2019!

RCA has hired Ambassadors for 2019 and is looking for a variety of projects to complete over the summer. Ambassadors are responsible, energetic and environmentally-minded post-secondary students that will assist with any of your waste reduction projects.

Can our Ambassadors help your municipality or business out this summer? Any summer projects, audits or research you need completed? If so, we can help!

Past Ambassador projects include:

  • Office and field research
  • Curbside bin/cart audits including participation rates and educational materials
  • Collection, sorting and data entry for waste audits
  • Phone surveys
  • Recycled material collection audits
  • Public outreach at community events all over Alberta
  • Site visits/inspections
  • Tradeshows

Ambassadors are available from May until the end of August and can assist with any project duration, short or long, for a very reasonable price – $25/hour plus management costs.

Contact Lindsay Seidel-Wassenaar to discuss project options, timelines, and costs:, 403.843.6563

No project is too big or too small for our Ambassadors!