UofC Rubbermaid Bins for Sale

The University of Calgary has large quantities of Rubbermaid bins for sale. They currently have the bins loaded on two (2) 53-ft trailers, each holding approximately 1200 bins. The bins were previously used to collect 3 streams of waste (trash, mixed recycling, and refundable beverage containers).

All bins are in very good condition, purchased new at $160.00 each. The University of Calgary is asking $6,000 per trailer load (that’s about $5.00/bin) and ideally would prefer a buyer who would take both trailer loads. Transportation and delivery charges are the responsibility of the buyer. UofC can assist in finding a delivery company.

For more information, please contact Ana Pazmino, Recycling and Waste Diversion Coordinator, University of Calgary, at 403.220.2003 or acpazmin@ucalgary.ca


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