Waste Reduction Week: Friday – Food Waste

EcoBrooks: Raising awareness about food waste

Many local initiatives have been inspired by the global food waste movement that are creating discussion about food waste worldwide. Campaigns like Feeding 5000 in Calgary and Feeding 500 in Red Deer brought together a coalition of organizations to shed light on the issue of food waste and aimed to feed people with perfectly edible food that would have otherwise been thrown away.

Building on the Feeding 500/5000 programs, during the ‘Taste of Nations’ – a celebration of cultural diversity event – held in the City of Brooks on September 30th, 2017, EcoBrooks set up a different kind of vendor table in conjunction with Alberta Culture Days.

EcoBrooks Committee Chair, Florence Juska, said they’re looking to call awareness to food waste and are trying to educate people to make more efficient use of food.

For the event, EcoBrooks reached out to Fresen Bros., IGA and local producers for culled or imperfect items, that wouldn’t be on store shelves but still had nutritional value. The committee partnered with a Brooks Composite High School Foods class to create a shepherd’s pie, apple crisp and chicken gumbo. These dishes were then given out as free samples during the ‘Taste of Nations’ event.

“We want to explain to people that there is a better way to use the food up than throwing it away,” Juska said.

EcoBrooks Chair Florence Juska shares information on why food doesn't need to be thrown in the garbage with Brooks residents

EcoBrooks Chair Florence Juska shares information on why food doesn’t need to be thrown in the garbage with Brooks residents

Juska explained that throwing away uneaten food can be compared to throwing money in the garbage and a waste of the resources of the producers She added there are Apps available to help people create recipes from the contents of their refrigerator to help limit food waste. She recommended an App called ‘Kitchen Sink.’ It allows the user to enter items they have in their home and the ‘Kitchen Sink’ will generate recipes for the user with the ingredients they have given it.

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