Waste Reduction Week – Sharing Economy Saturday – October 23rd

Waste Reduction Week – Sharing Economy Saturday

Today is Sharing Economy Saturday! Access over ownership and the sharing economy are important pillars that contribute to a circular economy. By shifting to access over ownership, the responsibility falls to manufacturers to make longer lasting and more efficient products that are designed with repair and reuse as primary considerations. Millions of Canadians engage in the sharing economy everyday – through ride sharing apps, libraries, rental services, online music / video streaming and more – often not realizing their contribution to the circular economy.

There are great things happening in our province when it comes to building a sharing economy. As a part of phase two of our Circular Communities project, the Recycling Council of Alberta has supported Banff in developing their Library of Things. The Library of Things has officially opened at the Banff Public Library.

Thanks to the Library of Things, Banff and Lake Louise residents can now borrow a variety of items that are rarely used, hard to store, or are expensive, such as tools, cooking appliances and hobby items. It is free to access – all you need is a valid Banff Public Library membership.

The Library of Things was recently featured by the CBC!

SWAP, SHARE & REPAIR resources: https://wrwcanada.com/en/get-involved/resources/themed-resources/swap-share-repair

Get involved this #WasteReductionWeek!

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  • Take the Food Waste Pledge
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Check out these Waste Reduction Week events in Alberta

Check out the Grande Prairie Sundial as it’s lit up all week!  

Waste Reduction Week Resources:

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Tomorrow is the final day of Waste Reduction Week so be sure to watch your inbox for the theme of Swap and Repair, two very simple but important pillars to the circular economy.