Compost Council of Canada to Transform City-Owned Vacant Land to Urban Farm

Connector Spring 2019

An energetic team at The Compost Council of Canada has entered into a partnership with the City of Calgary to transform a city-owned vacant parcel of land into an urban farm. Located at 1920 Highland Crescent SE, the approximately 15-acre site will produce fresh, healthy food for sale while providing significant community benefit.

This initiative will help the City of Calgary to better support emerging models of urban food production and to provide the public with information resources to help get them started on urban agriculture projects. The farm will be an important component of the CalgaryEATS Food Action Plan which aims to create a sustainable and resilient food system so that all Calgarians have access to local, healthy and environmentally respectful food.

Inspired by permaculture principles and ethics, the site design vision will incorporate a commercial market garden and greenhouses, small-scale commercial compost production, education space for workshops and events as well as involve regenerative landscape plantings including trees, shrubs, native perennials and other soil-building plants. In addition to significant fundraising, the focused attention on the soil, its improvement and management through the incorporation of compost will be fundamental first steps as the team at the Compost Council of Canada begins this urban agriculture journey.

Source: Compost Council of Canada