Corner Brook, Newfoundland Pays for Coffee Cup Litter

Connector Spring 2017

One Newfoundland city is having such an issue with littered coffee cups strewn all over the streets that officials are now offering to pay people to pick up them up.

The City of Corner Brook was offering a bounty of five cents per cup to anyone who saves a discarded disposable cup from the street and brings it in for redemption on May 27.

These beverage containers make up anywhere from 40 to 60% of litter in Corner Brook, “creating an eyesore, a hazard to wildlife and detracting from the City’s natural beauty,” says a media release posted to the city’s website.

As an added incentive to the Ca$h for Cup$ campaign, the city scattered four “surprise cups” between May 1 and 27.

Anyone who found a specially marked cup got an extra $100.

According to the National Post, the bounty for collected cups is being paid out not by the City of Corner Brook, but by corporate sponsors. The newspaper reports that Robin’s Donuts has agreed, and they’re also trying to get Tim Hortons on board.

Source: The Huffington Post Canada