Garbage Free February is Just Around the Corner

Connector Fall 2016

What is Garbage Free February?

Garbage Free February (GFF) started when an individual in Red Deer, AB, took up the challenge of trying to live a garbage free existence for a month. Since that first experiment with sustainable living, Garbage Free February was born.

Officially declared in the City of Red Deer by Mayor Morris Flewwelling in 2012 and renewed by Mayor Tara Veer in 2016, GFF remains a yearly celebration of sustainable living. The goal of Garbage Free February is not to live completely free of garbage from the start, but is an invitation to begin the journey towards a sustainable future. Explore ways to reduce our daily waste by finding and changing the little things that will add up to amazingly big things over time.

ReThink Red Deer has been promoting GFF in Red Deer since it started, partnering with Red Deer College, Peavy Industries, Zero Waste Canada, and the RCA to help spread the word on how to start living a garbage free existence. The RCA wants to share GFF with all Albertan’s and provide useful tips and stories on how to get started.

What is happening in 2017?

For #GFF2017, the RCA will be posting photos, videos, tutorials, tips and articles through our social media accounts on how you can start living a garbage free lifestyle. To make it a little more interesting, each day of the week will have a theme.

Make it Yourself Monday: each Monday, we’ll post a creative way to upcycle items around the house

Tip of the day Tuesday: each Tuesday, we’ll post a new tip on ways to reduce waste in your day-to-day life

Wild Card Wednesday: stay tuned, we’re keeping Wednesdays close to the vest to keep you coming back for more

Throwback Thursday: we’re taking a hint from the social media sensation #tbt to review how far we’ve come in our waste reduction practices

Foodie Friday: on Fridays, we’ll provide a variety of interesting ways how you can reduce food waste

Weekend Waste Warriors: we’ll keep you up to date on events happening throughout the province and methods to prepare for a garbage free week ahead.

How you can get involved!

Have you got a tip of the day, a throwback story, or other interesting way to reduce waste that you would like to share? If so, we want to know! Send your tips and tricks to Leanne Moreira at or call 403.463.4463 to discuss. You can also post your idea to your own social media accounts, be sure to tag the RCA (@3RsAB) so that we can share it as well.

Keep up to date with Garbage Free February by following the RCA on Facebook and on Twitter (@3RsAB).