Molok Wins New Economy Clean Tech Award

Connector Winter 2017

Molok Ltd of Finland and Molok North America of Canada have been internationally recognized as leaders in sustainability by The New Economy Magazine, a quarterly technology, business, and finance publication headquartered in London, England. Molok is in good company along with Google, Iceland, Tesla/Solar City, Resolute Forest Products, and other award winners as it received the New Economy Clean Tech Award for Best Recycling and Waste Management Solutions. New Economy recognizes companies whose ideas, achievements, projects and solutions reflect innovation, long-term vision and leadership.

Founded by entrepreneur Veikko Salli in Nokia, Finland in 1991, Molok quickly became a global solution with installations in over 40 countries. Salli’s daughter Marja Hillis established Molok North America Ltd. in 1999. With manufacturing facilities in Nokia, Finland, and Mount Forest, Ontario, and a global network of sales and distribution, they are able to meet the growing demands of their customers around the world.

The vertical semi-underground design uses gravity to compact waste, reducing the number of collections by as much as 50%. Underground temperatures keep the waste cool, minimizing odours. This translates into reduced truck traffic and lower emissions. Further, the crane-lifted design of Molok allows for the containers to be placed where they are easily accessible by the users.

Source: Molok