Nominations Open for the 2023 Rs of Excellence Awards!

Connector June 2023

Calling all Circular Economy Champions in Alberta!

Join us in celebrating the exceptional efforts of RCA members who are leading the charge in waste reduction, resource conservation, and advancing the circular economy.

If you know an individual, program, or organization that is making a remarkable impact we want to honor their achievements! Help us recognize their outstanding contributions.

Nominating is quick and easy: Simply visit our website and submit your nomination form.

Don’t wait! Submit your nomination today to ensure your candidate is considered for the prestigious 2023 Rs of Excellence Awards.

Applications received after August 11, 2023, will be held for consideration in the following year’s awards.

Be a part of highlighting the incredible work happening in Alberta’s Circular Economy. Together, let’s make a lasting impact!

For more information, and to submit a nomination, please visit