RCA Member Feature – Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA)

Connector April 2024

The RCA is advancing a circular economy in the province of Alberta. As a non-profit charitable organization, we achieve our goals by working collaboratively with and for our members and partners.

In this edition of Connector, we’re excited to showcase the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA), a valued member of the RCA!

For the past 30 years, the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA), operating on behalf of the Government of Alberta, has stewarded provincial recycling programs for used electronics, paint, tires, and used oil & materials. During this time, ARMA has been working to help develop a marketplace that extends the lifecycle of these products increasing their value through the supply chain so they can be used differently and more efficiently, ultimately reducing landfill waste and becoming an economic driver in Alberta and around the world.

ARMA is as committed as ever to fulfilling their vision of Inspiring A Future Without Waste and building a strong, robust circular economy. This ambitious vision is what is needed to continue fostering creativity, leadership, and enhanced performance. Within this space, they will continue collaborating with innovators and entrepreneurs to advance their existing stewardship programs while expanding into the oversight of EPR, building a high-value circular economy where ingenuity creates local jobs and extends our value beyond Alberta’s borders while reducing our environmental impacts.

Today, there are over 430 registered municipal and Indigenous collection sites throughout Alberta, which is the third-highest number of collection sites in Canada. These sites have provided Albertans with the opportunity to help ARMA divert 11.6 million electronic devices, 33.9 million litres of paint, 144.5 million tires, and over 2.0 billion litres of used oil from the province’s landfills.

In October of 2022, ARMA was appointed as the oversight body for extended producer responsibility (EPR), a new framework for Alberta where producers will assume the cost of recycling materials like single-use products, packaging and paper products (PPP), and hazardous and special products (HSP).

ARMA held an EPR Virtual Lunch and Learn Series and Community EPR Transition Planning Workshops to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to be well-informed regarding EPR processes and development, helping prepare communities for changes to their waste management system following the transition to EPR.

Visit the ARMA website to learn more!