RCA Member Feature – Environmental Recycling Solutions (ERS)

Connector March 2024

The RCA is advancing a circular economy in the province of Alberta. As a non-profit charitable organization, we achieve our goals by working collaboratively with and for our members and partners.

In this edition of Connector, we’re excited to showcase Environmental Recycling Solutions (ERS), a valued member of the RCA!

Located in the NE district of Calgary, ERS’s Light Bulb recycling facility is up and running! ERS traces its roots to a recycling facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where founder Gordon Lenz came up with the business idea.

ERS ensures the safe and efficient recycling of light bulbs, making sure that all components such as mercury, phosphor, end caps, glass, and cardboard are recycled.

ERS has an open-door policy, where they encourage clients or prospective clients to compare our technology with other light bulb recyclers. They also invite environmental students and schools to tour their facility.

ERS aims to tailor their light bulb recycling services to suit each client’s specific needs. Visit their website to learn more and view the services they provide.