Recycling Council of Alberta Appoints Jennifer Koole as New Executive Director

Connector January 2024

The Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA) is excited to announce Jennifer Koole as the incoming Executive Director, effective January 15th, 2024. Jennifer, an environmental professional with two decades of experience in Alberta, will succeed Christina Seidel, who has passionately led the organization for the past 30 years.

Jennifer Koole, renowned for her 20 years of environmental leadership in Alberta’s municipal government, brings a wealth of expertise to the role. Her strong commitment to sustainability aligns fluidly with the RCA’s mission of promoting waste reduction, recycling, and resource conservation in the province. Jennifer’s proven track record in leadership, collaboration, and change management positions her as an ideal fit to build upon the strong foundation already established by the organization.

Jeannie Bertrand, Chair of the Board, expressed that the team “feels very fortunate for the opportunity to work with Jennifer as we enter the next chapter of the RCA. She has been involved with our organization for many years, and we know how passionate and dedicated she will be in taking on this new role. She has a great appreciation for the importance of the RCA’s role in advocating for waste reduction in Alberta, and brings a wealth of experience and a different perspective to the organization.”

Jennifer Koole also shared her enthusiasm, saying, “I am absolutely thrilled to step into the role of Executive Director for the RCA. With the incredible successes achieved so far, I’m excited to join forces with our visionary Board members, exceptional support staff, and our vibrant membership community. Together, we’re poised to further transform the recycling industry in Alberta, driving even greater impact within the Circular Economy realm. Exciting times ahead!”

The RCA looks forward to the positive impact that Jennifer will undoubtedly bring to the organization and the broader community. The Board of Directors is confident that her leadership will contribute to the continued growth and success of the RCA in its mission to promote a Circular Economy in Alberta through waste reduction and resource conservation, with support from members, directors, and stakeholders.

Christina Seidel’s remarkable commitment to the RCA has been instrumental in shaping the waste and recycling landscape in Alberta and Canada. As she moves into an advisory role, Christina’s wealth of institutional knowledge and dedication will play a pivotal role in maintaining continuity and supporting a smooth transition, both for project delivery as well as in maintaining the valuable relationships that have been built over the course of her tenure.

You can contact Jennifer Koole at and learn more about the Recycling Council of Alberta on our website here.