The Next Chapter: Jennifer Koole’s Vision as RCA’s Executive Director

Connector March 2024

On January 15, 2024, Jennifer Koole assumed the role of Executive Director of the Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA), marking a significant moment for the organization and the province’s environmental landscape. With a career spanning over two decades in environmental leadership within Alberta’s municipal government, she brings a wealth of expertise to the role.

Jennifer’s strong commitment to sustainability seamlessly aligns with the RCA’s mission to promote, facilitate, and advocate for a circular economy in Alberta through waste reduction and resource conservation. Her extensive experience in leadership, collaboration, and program development uniquely positions her to build upon the RCA’s established reputation as a leader in circular economy initiatives and a long-time champion of waste reduction efforts.

It is worth noting that Jennifer is no stranger to the Recycling Council of Alberta. Prior to her appointment as Executive Director, Jennifer served as an RCA liaison and later as the RCA Treasurer. Additionally, she has been a speaker at past RCA Conferences, even taking the stage as the keynote speaker.

Jennifer’s Vision for the RCA

Jennifer’s vision for the RCA is both ambitious and pragmatic, focusing on key areas such as growing and strengthening the membership roster, building programs that serve the membership, advocating for, and taking action on projects that deliver an impactful difference on reducing waste and promoting circularity of materials.

“The RCA has a reputation for bringing the right people to the table to make collective progress on the tough issues facing the waste and recycling industry. This consultative and collaborative approach to problem-solving won’t change, it will only get better,” affirms Jennifer.

Her immediate priorities include exploring new ways to support RCA members, the organizations, and individuals who tirelessly work to shift the world towards a circular economy. She aims to advocate for Alberta’s transition to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), broaden the organization’s reach through dynamic, proactive, and interactive communication channels, and guide the Board through a strategic planning process. This process will set the priorities to propel the RCA forward into the next five years of success, building on the achievements of the last thirty!

Jennifer’s Career Background

After obtaining an Environmental Science  degree in analytical chemistry, Jennifer commenced her career journey in southern Ontario. Over the years, she has held various roles during which she honed her skills in waste management, sustainability, and strategic planning. Most recently, she served as Manager of Utility Services in Rocky View County, leading a team of professionals to deliver water, wastewater, stormwater, and solid waste services. Jennifer also played influential roles within the City of Calgary, shaping environmental policies, and managing programs to optimize waste diversion efforts and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, Jennifer became internationally renowned while working on the Masdar project in Abu Dhabi, UAE, where she served as a Zero Waste Consultant, designing one of the most sustainable cities in the world from the ground up. She is recognized internationally as a leader in waste and recycling, with a broad environmental network covering various areas such as water, wastewater, utilities, sustainability, climate change, renewable energy, and environmental literacy.

Now, as the Executive Director of the RCA, Jennifer is dedicated to advancing the organization’s goals through enhanced organizational efficiencies, exploring sustainable funding opportunities, and continuing to build awareness and participation in circular economy and 3R’s activities. Her strategic approach promises to drive meaningful change and amplify the RCA’s impact across the province.

If you are eager to play a part in shaping our direction, setting goals, running for the board, or contributing ideas for programs, we encourage you to reach out. You can contact Jennifer Koole  at To learn more about the Recycling Council of Alberta, visit our website here.