Used Oil Program Transition Update

Connector Fall 2018

On October 1, 2018 the responsibility for the management of Alberta’s Used Oil Materials Recycling Program was transferred to Alberta Recycling.

From the time the government released their Orders in Council on June 1, 2018, setting the October transfer date, Alberta Recycling worked closely with the former Alberta Used Oil Management Association to ensure a smooth transfer of operations. This included multiple communications with the companies remitting environmental handling charges, collectors and processors of the used oil materials, the public and businesses with material to be recycled, and the Used Oil Management Associations of Canada.

Through the transition and now two months into program operation, the goal of maintaining business as usual has been met.  Alberta Recycling will be reviewing the program to identify potential changes that would increase efficiencies and build on the success of the used oil materials recycling program. Full stakeholder and Processors engagement will be a priority for this review process in order to get input on issues and possible improvements.

A few areas of focus include working with Municipalities on the possibility of additional used oil collection sites, a pilot project to include used oil materials in the Municipal Roundup Program, and reviewing the ‘Depot Finder’ on our website to make it more user-friendly when searching for drop-off points.

For more information on the Used Oil Materials Recycling Program, please visit or call us at 1.888.999.8762.

submitted by Alberta Recycling