Love Food Hate Waste

Food waste is an urgent, but solvable, global challenge. One-third of all food produced globally is wasted. Love Food Hate Waste Canada is working with businesses, governments, and community groups across Canada to inspire and empower people to make their food go further and waste less.

If your community is interested in learning more about ways to divert edible food from landfills and feed families instead, please look at the National Zero Waste Council’s Love Food Hate Waste Canada campaign – then contact us at to bring this program to your area.

Why Food waste is a critical social, environmental, and economic issue:

Each year, 63 per cent of the food Canadians throw away is edible. That is 2.3 million tonnes of food costing over $20 billion dollars going into landfills!
  • Food insecurity affects 1.5 million children, or 1 in 6 each year.
  • 20.3 per cent of Alberta households have experience food insecurity over the past year.
  • Alberta has the highest rate of food insecurity among provinces in Canada.
  • Food insecurity affects public health and strains our healthcare resources and spending as it impacts physical and mental health.
  • The annual cost of food insecurity is $130.5 billion due to illness costs associated with hunger.
  • Approximately half of what goes into landfills each year is organic material.
  • Food in landfills doesn’t decompose, it creates methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide.