COVID-19 Recycling Resources

Resources to help navigate recycling and waste management during COVID-19

Health Experts Statement on Addressing Safety of Reusables and COVID-19 : Greenpeace

The Safety of Reuse During the COVID-19 Pandemic: From UPSTREAM

Alberta Environment and Parks: COVID-19 Waste Management info sheet:

FAQ on Alberta’s Bottle Depots during COVID-19: 

Alberta’s zero waste champions challenge citizens to reduce, reuse and recycle during COVID-19. A list of environmental action to take during the pandemic: 

The Federal Government has released Guidance on Essential Services and Functions during the Pandemic:  This includes Waste and Garbage collectors and processors (compost, garbage and recycling). Website:

Continuous Improvement Fund: Outlines what precautions are being taken with curbside, depot and MRF operations. Website: 

Canadian Association of Recycling Industries: has shared a safety checklist for recycling operations. Website: the latest updates on the virus. Website:

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA): has issued a “Guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19)” document for solid waste management workers and employers. Download it at:

The US Composting Council has provided Covid-19 Resources. Website: 

E-Scrap News: Health officials say PPE and proper cleaning are critical. Website:

For other updates, see our list of latest newsflashes: