Triple StaRs

Triple StaRs Grade 4 Waste Reduction Challenge

Congratulations and welcome to the Triple StaRs Waste Reduction Challenge. This is your opportunity to transform the Waste and Our World unit into a memorable experience. Your students will have a hands-on experience with waste generated in the classroom. Triple StaRs is a five-day waste audit that takes place during Waste Reduction Week. The week’s finale is when your class develops a Pledge of Action to reduce waste in the classroom for the rest of the year.

Healthy Planet, Healthy Kids

Triple StaRs includes an option where you can support teaching the waste reduction challenge by further teaching about packing healthy lunches. If your class commits to reducing lunch time waste in their Pledge of Action, you can easily combine waste reduction messages with packing healthy lunches.

Triple StaRs helps teachers:

  • Meet Grade 4 Science Waste and Our World curriculum objectives (but we encourage any elementary school grade to participate and test their students’ knowledge on proper waste management);
  • Support Grade 4 Health and Math curricular objectives; and
  • Have fun!

Download further details about the Triple StaRs Waste Reduction Challenge
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Spruce up your classroom’s activities with the following graphics (right-click on a thumbnail to download the full-sized graphic as a jpg, or download a zipped bundle of all graphics in high-res TIF format 4.33 Mb).

3e_Reduce   3f_Reuse   3g_Recycle

3d_StarBarking   3c_RecycleBox   3b_EatingLunch

3a_LabelBeverageContainers   3a_LabelCardboard   3a_LabelGlass

3a_LabelOrganics   3a_LabelPaper   3a_LabelPlastic

3a_LabelOther   3a_LabelBlank