Triple StaRs Challenge – Results Submission Form

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How many students participated in Triple StaRs?

On Friday, October 16, 2015 (or any day the week before you started the challenge), how much garbage was in your classroom?

Number of bags?

When did you conduct the 2015 Triple StaRs challenge? Please provide start and end date

Start date (YYYY-MM-DD)

End date (YYYY-MM-DD)

How many bags of material did you collect in each category? Note: "bags" refers to regular-sized grocery bags.

Beverage Containers







Total Waste Collected

The next two questions are based on waste management and recycling opportunities available in your community.

How much waste was kept out of the landfill (number of bags or weight)?

How much waste went to the landfill (number of bags or weight)?

Which of the Activity Sheets did you use?
Sort It OutStar's StoryStar's Word SearchHelp Star Make the Best ChoiceResults Round-upScrambled SentencesFill In The Blanks

Which of the FRENCH Activity Sheets did you use?
Remplissez les lettres manquantesAide Star a faire les bons choixIdeesRapport FinalFais le TriL’histoire de Star

The Activity Sheets were developed in response to teacher feedback. Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

Triple StaRs Pledge of Action
What waste reduction activity has your class committed to continuing throughout the year? "We promise to reduce our classroom waste for the rest of the school year by..."

Would you like to take part in Garbage Free February’s Waste-Free Lunch Challenge? (Information about the WFL challenge will be sent out in January 2016)

Does your Triple StaRs Pledge of Action involve packing waste-free lunches?


Will you participate in Triple StaRs next year?

Did you take any pictures or videos of your class doing the Triple StaRs program that you would like to share with the RCA? *If yes, the RCA Project Coordinator will contact you directly to share those photos.

Do you have any new ideas for enriching the Triple StaRs Challenge?

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