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Triple StaRs 2015 Registration Form

Please use the form below to register your participation in Waste Reduction Week and the Triple StaRs Grade 4 Waste Reduction Challenge.

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How did you hear about Waste Reduction Week / the Triple StaRs Challenge?

A) I'd like to register for the Triple StaRs Grade 4 Classroom Waste Reduction Challenge

A 1) How many students are in your Grade 4 class?

A 2) Triple StaRs: Do you have any comments on the challenge or Waste Reduction Week programs and resources?

A 3) Triple StaRs: Will you be including Packing Healthier Lunches as part of your Triple StaRs Challenge?

B) I've got my own WRW celebration planned! Let me tell you about it.

B 1) Tell us what you've got planned. Let us know how we can help.

Would your class be interested in hosting a Triple StaRs presentation to your MLA?

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