Waste-Free Lunch Challenge – Results Submission


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How many students participated in the Waste-Free Lunch Challenge?

When did you start the WFL Challenge (Start Date - YYYY-MM-DD)?

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At the START of the Challenge
The best way to measure and compare the difference in waste reduced is by weight (kilograms). However, if you are not able to weigh the material, you can alternatively provide your answers as "number of bags".

Did you weigh the waste?
YesNo, we did not weigh

If yes, what was the normal day bag weight in kilograms (kg)?

If no, how many bags of waste did your class fill on a normal day?

At the END of the Challenge

Total weight of garbage from the week of the challenge in kilograms (kg):

If you didn't weigh the waste, please enter the total number of waste bags from the week of the challenge:

Total number of days all students did not create waste:

Suggestions to improve the Waste-Free Lunch Challenge: