1998 (first annual) Rs of Excellence Award Winners

1998 Product Stewardship Award – Beverage Container Management System

Alberta has had legislation managing the recovery and recycling of beverage containers since 1972. This has evolved to the present day, consisting of 212 privately owned depots where the public takes their containers for deposit return. The manufacturers operate, through their collection agent (ABCRC), the collection, transportation, densification and marketing of the recyclable product. The system is unique in Canada; it has operated successfully for over 25 years, expanding volumes, types of containers and return rates. The regulation of the system has moved out of government to a non-profit regulatory Board (BCMB) comprised of representatives of manufacturers, public and bottle depot members (ABDA). The huge success of the system resulted in the recycling of 600 million containers in 1997 and this year is well on the way to recycling 700 million containers.

1998 Outstanding Municipal Program – City of St. Albert

St. Albert has been on the forefront for two years with the first full user-pay system in Western Canada. Full user-pay system means expenditures associated with household refuse management services are incorporated into a fee structure rather than a flat fee, and payment is secured through methods outside of the tax base.

St. Albert offers the following major waste management programs: recycling through a depot, yard and garden waste drop-off and regional composting, green cart program, HHW annual drop-off event, take-it-or-leave-it useable items swap event, garbage collection and disposal, and comprehensive communications services.

1998 Rural Recycling Award – Vegreville Association for Living in Dignity

VALID began its recycling efforts in 1984 as a small fundraising project, collecting newsprint and selling it for a few dollars. As the community became more aware of environmental issues, the need for a larger scale operation became apparent and in 1994 VALID developed a partnership with the Town of Vegreville and the Vegreville and District Recycling Depot was opened. The depot is used as a training site to increase employment skills for disabled adults.

The growth in the venture has made a significant impact on the local landfill site, with a projected waste diversion of 350 tonnes in 1998. The depot has expanded to meet the needs of the community in the past and will continue to do so in the future, thus contributing to the protection and enhancement of the environment.